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condomsCondoms when used with water-based lubricant can reduce the risk of getting or passing on a STI as they stop the exchange of sexual fluids. Unfortunately condoms may not protect you from getting herpes, genital warts or crabs.

Use a new condom with lube every time you have sex.

Condoms do come in different sizes and shapes

Condoms prevent pregnancy as well as STIs

Tips on how to get your partner to use a condom

Many people already know that condoms help protect against most STIs and pregnancy. People often have good intentions they carry them and want to use them but many never actually get used.

Why not?

There are many reasons and it doesn't matter how old, young, experienced, or educated you are talking about and using condoms can be a bit difficult.  Talking about condoms sometimes makes people shy, embarrassed, unromantic, and awkward.  If people don’t discuss and agree to use condoms before they have sex, there is a pretty good chance the condom won’t get used.

Talking to your partner means that you are serious about taking care of your sexual health. Don’t be shy, your partner is probably also thinking about using a condom too but doesn't know how to talk about it.  Be up front and confident and talk about using condoms. Best not to wait until your naked, discuss it before you get your clothes off.

People use a lot of reasons and excuses why they don't want to use a condoms, here are some ways you could respond:

I can't feel anything with a condom I want to use a condoms and they are good because you will last longer .
Why don't you trust me? You think I have something? No, its just that people have infections without realising it.
I don't think you really love me I do, but I am not risking my future to prove it.
I'll pull out before I cum, its safe No, women can still get pregnant and infections from cum (pre-ejaculation fluid).
I'm on the pill we don't need a condom I want to use one anyway it will help to protect us both from infections we might not know we have
I haven't got a condom No worries, I do.
Come on, just this once I be careful No, I only have sex with a condom, it is the safest way for both of us.

Emergency contraception does NOT prevent STI!

The Emergency Contraception Pill (ECP) is sometimes called the ‘morning after pill’ and can be used to prevent pregnancy but not STIs

If you have had unprotected sex or the condom has broken it is advisable to get ECP either from the chemist (you don’t need a prescription), Family Planning or Clinic 34.  It is best to take ECP within 24 hours of having sex, as this is when it is most effective.  ECP can be taken up to 5 days later but the longer you leave the less effective it will be. But remember the ECP cannot prevent STIs so if you have had unprotected sex you should have a sexual health check.

Where can I get free condoms in the Territory?


  • Clinic 34
  • Danila Dilba
  • Family Planning
  • Public Toilets; West Lane Car Park, Austin Lane Toilets and Nightcliff foreshore (opposite the Beach Front Hotel)
  • St Vincent de Paul’s, Stuart Park
  • Charles Darwin University (Uni Bar)
  • Silas Roberts Hostel, Packard St, Darwin
  • Daisy Yamirr Hostel, Tiwi
  • Galawu Hostel, Finniss St, Darwin


  • Clinic 34
  • Kalano Community Association
  • Walpiri Trees
  • Wurliwurlinjang


  • Clinic 34
  • Alice Springs Hospital
  • NT AIDS & Hepatitis Council
  • Railway Terrace Alice Springs
  • Public Toilets:
    - car park toilets opposite Memorial Club
    - Anzac Hill Carpark
    - IGA shops



  • Clinic 34
  • G3 Camp
  • Miwatj Health
  • Gove Yacht Club