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What is Safe Sex?

It is any activity where there is no exchange of sexual fluids.

Safe sex can include:

  • Not having sex
  • Massage, hugging, touching
  • Masturbation
  • Kissing
  • Rubbing against each other
  • Fantasy
  • Fingering
  • Using a condom and lube every time you have sex

Safe sex can:

  • Prevent STIs
  • Prevent Pregnancy
  • Prevent HIV

There are some really good reasons why young people should practice safe sex:

  • You can’t tell from the way people look, dress or behave if they have an STI.
  • Anyone who has had sex without a condom could be infected.
  • In the NT, young people 15-24 have really high rates of STIs, particularly Chlamydia
  • Some people with an STI often don’t know they are infected because they have no signs or symptoms
  • So as not to get pregnant

Alcohol, drugs and STIs

Using alcohol and drugs can affect your ability to make safe decisions.

Mixing sex with alcohol or other drugs increases the chance of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmissible infections. This is because if you have sex when you are drunk or on drugs you are much less likely to be thinking clearly enough to use condoms or to use them correctly.

Some people think that being high or drunk makes it easier to be sexual. Using alcohol and drugs usually lower people's inhibitions. It may feel great in the moment, but the next day … possible regrets ... Safe Sex No Regrets Use Condoms!

The reality is drugs and alcohol can make you feel bullet proof and can put you in some very risky situations.

Risks of mixing sex and substances:

  • Unable to detect danger
  • Less able to defend yourself
  • Makes it hard to communicate sexual limits
  • Less likely to use condoms or practise safe sex
  • Trusting people that you don’t know
  • Unable to think clearly
  • Regretting what you did afterwards and more vulnerable to sexual assault